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Book Review on Ridge: The Donovan Dynasty Book #3

AC Arthur's name is starting to gain traction in my Kindle library. Ridge is only my second book by this author, but now I will be going through her backlist, because I enjoyed this story so much. Not only is Ridge a part of a standalone series about brothers, but it's a romantic suspense novel. Which is slowly becoming one of my new favorite genres. Add in a sex club, paired with a fine black man, and you'll clearly be able to see why I was sold so easily on this book. "But when the door finally opened and a man wearing nothing but a sheet around his waist and a scowl on his too-damn-fine face appeared, she amended her sentence. All she needed was to get the hell out of here before that sheet slipped or she started to drool."

Talaya is a social worker that's just trying to get another kid in her forever home. That is,

until her adoption case turns into a murder case. When the kid's mother, who is giving her up for adoption, is murdered before they can get the signature of the alleged father;

Talaya's mind instantly thinks this a scandal manufactured by a rich and wealthy man. But when that rich and wealthy man is also attractive and has massive sex appeal, she questions her thinking. "Could this well-dressed, very easy on the eyes, and extremely wealthy man have killed Renata?" When the secrets of Talaya's past forces her into close proximity of Ridge Donovan, she's unsure on what to focus on more, staying alive or trying to keep illicit thoughts out of her head. " As soon as she closed and locked her door, she leaned back against it, closing her eyes and letting her body feel all the sinfully sexy and horribly traitorous things after being in such close proximity to that man."

To be rich and single. Ridge Donovan was living the dream life. His membership with The Corporation, an elite sex club, keep his needs satiated and him out of trouble. Or so he thought. When a beautiful social worker shows up at his door, bearing news of a strange request, he has his doubts. When the same beautiful social worker keeps making random appearances in his life, he's wondering if it's a coincidence or something more. With his name and reputation on the line, he's unsure of what to think or what to do. But one thing he is certain of is his attraction to Talaya Richmond. "Had Talaya Richmond killed Renata? He shook his head, not ready to believe that at all. The woman was a decent fighter, but a killer? He couldn't see that. Then again, he hadn't been looking at her in that way."

This was a 5 star read for me! I'm a sucker for whodunnit television shows and it looks like that preference is crossing over into my reading. I started with book three in this series and was able to enjoy the story, but I will be going back to read about the other brothers. I'm definitely intrigued by the Donovan family.

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