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Book Review on Rhyme & Reason by Nia Forrestor

Love is defined as "an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something." In my opinion, Deuce and Zora's relationship embodies that definition. It's rare when I read a book and can feel the chemistry between the characters, but I could literally feel the love emanating off the pages with this read. Deuce and Zora's romance is introduced in a prior book in this series titled Young, Rich and Black. In that story, the two teenage lovers drift apart because Zora decides to attend a college on the West Coast, leaving Deuce behind on the East Coast. This book picks up right where that one leaves off, two long lost lovers crossing paths again and their love remaining the same. "The rhyme and reason were both there, embedded in the music, but it wasn't handed to you, you had to work for it."

Zora is still the determined young woman that wants to change the world, but now she's older and learning how to be a woman. Her move to California has changed her, but one thing that it hasn't changed, is her love for Deuce Scaife. "'The thing about me and Deuce,' she said when she was done chewing, 'is that we're still... we like each other. We've always liked each other. As friends. No matter what else might have been going on. And I have to be honest with you. That's probably not going to change. He's always going to be my friend.'" There's just one catch, the way she ended their relationship has left a lot of unanswered questions and a ton of bottled up emotions.

Deuce was heartbroken when Zora left for school, ultimately breaking up with him. He did what any man would do to forget about the woman he loves, he got up under another one. Deuce ends up in a situationship with a young woman named Regan, her clinginess forces him into a relationship with her. But all that changes when Zora steps back on the scene, that is until Regan has something terrible happen to her and she clings even harder to Deuce. That, compiled with the thoughts of Zora being in a relationship that doesn't include him, sends Deuce reeling. "There was someone else and if he didn't move fast, he might lose her. This time, for good."

This book should be considered a masterpiece. It was well written and gave me all the feels. I could see the scenes of this book playing out in my head. Zora and Deuce's love for each other is exactly the type of love story I love to read about. This book was my third read from this author but will not be my last. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author and I definitely will be finishing up this series. These characters have imprinted on my heart. "Thought about what my long game might be? I realized that I... I can't even begin to imagine what it would look like if you weren't a part of it."

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