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Book Review on Results of a Broken Heart by Iesha Bree

Typically, in life, and in these books, our thoughts are first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes *insert your name here* with the baby carriage. Well, Iesha Bree stepped outside the box and threw that thang in reverse. (watch me back it up and dump it… back back it up and dump In Results of a Broken Heart, Uriah and Nic walked to the beat of their own drum. Creating a life after a one-night stand and getting to know each other with the possibility of falling in love after, is unconventional as it gets. And although unconventional, Iesha pulled it together to weave a beautiful tale.

Uriah was woman left jilted at the altar. Her ex, Keem, left her hurt and with a stain on her heart. After months of depression, Uriah's sister Rachel, shows up to try and help get her out of the funk she was in. Making sure to travel at least an hour away and dubbing themselves with fake names, just so they could have some fun. Uriah has her mind set on having a one-night stand, and when her eyes land on Nic, she's sure she's found her target. "The tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach and the thumping between my thighs let me know this man was something dangerous." Things take a turn when Uriah ends up pregnant. With her not knowing anything more about Dominic than his name and how he looks, Uriah has embraced the thought of being a single mother. That is until the universe steps in and puts her new baby daddy right in her path.

Nic was a good guy, despite his childhood issues. With no father in his life to correctly show him how to be a man, Dominic was adamant about defeating the odds. When he loses a bet with a fellow firefighter, he has to dress up as Santa Claus for their fire station and listen to the all the kids' wish lists. Losing that bet was really beginning to be a drag until he laid eyes on Jaz, who is actually Uriah, with a very pregnant belly. Knowing what they did nine months ago, he has no doubt in his mind that the baby she's carrying is his. But when Uriah's ex shows up claiming her baby as his, he starts to question if he was right in doing so. "'Nah, y'all sitting around here acting like this dude is a part of y'all family and just fuck me all over a simple mistake. All of you know this is my baby, and she dragging this fool into it to cover up how she is feeling. So no, I don't think it's time for me to go!' Keem yelled."

This was my first read by this author and I was pleasantly pleased. I loved how the author was able to pull the two main characters together and still give them a happily ever after. Uriah worked on my nerves a few times, but not enough for me to hate her. Dominic was damn near perfect, definitely book bae material. If you're into oops babies, messy mommas, or imperfect love stories, I would highly recommend this book.

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Unknown member
May 14, 2022

Definitely gotta add this to my TBR list

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