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Book Review on On Us by Nina

The characters from Front St Porter are back and all grown up now. Wreck, Dem and Sav are more like supporting characters in this book, but that doesn't stop their shine. If you thought these characters were funny before, you will definitely be entertained in this book. This is this author's second book and I'm just blown away by her story-telling. Her character development has the right amount of sauce to keep any reader intrigued.

Ivy and Vant, one of the literary world's most interesting couples, is back but there is also a new romance budding - Avery and Lake. "Vant came around the corner with another very handsome man, Avery recognized but couldn't remember where she saw him before."

In Front St Porter, Lake was very young and Avery was even younger. Not only is Lake an introvert that doesn't really deal with a lot of people, Lake didn't really care for Ivy and had minimal interaction with her. Time has progressed in this series by several years and Lake is more tolerable of Ivy, mainly because all of his brothers love her. I'm sure he is grateful for his change of heart, otherwise he wouldn't have met the woman that changed the game. "Lake put up a good front, but deep down, he was feeling her. She was just so perfect to him."

Avery is just confused as any woman when it comes to matters of the heart. Her forbidden romance with Ky has her second guessing everything she stands for. But then enters Lake and he definitely is a game changer for her. "Lake was like the song that played when the sexy lead nigga in a romance movie made his debut." Lake is everything Ky is not, so it should be an easy decision for her to make right? Wrong! Avery doesn't make this easy for us and that's what makes this story so enjoyable to read.

Lake and Avery both have dark pasts along with emotional trauma and a list of other issues. "I don't know. I just never got there. Fucking with girls on that level wasn't a priority for me. I had to take care of my brothers and shit. I didn't have time to do what everybody else was." I'm actually quite interested in seeing how this story pans out. This book leaves off on a cliff hanger, so if that isn't your thing, wait until the next installment drops. Nina has dropped two books in less than thirty days, so I'm sure we won't have to wait long. This book reads as a stand alone, but reading Front St Porter prior to is definitely recommended.

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