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Book Review on On Us 2 by Nina

They say the largest roller coast ride is located in New Jersey, named Kingda Ka, but all those twists and turns have nothing on the roller coaster ride you go through emotionally reading the highly anticipated release of On Us 2 by Author Nina.

In her 3rd book, Nina brings back the family we have learned to love; Lake, Wreck, Vant, Dem, Sav, Avery, Ivy, Chi and Gia. They're a group of young of adults who raised themselves and are maneuvering through life the only way they can. "All of my family is right here," Avery said looking around the table

Emotions will be everywhere, you'll literally laugh out loud, you'll cry, cheer and you will have to pick your jaws up off the ground.

So make sure your secured in your seats and enjoy the ride. Nina's pen game is dope.

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