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Book Review on Never Wanted to be Wifey by Jahquel J.

For this review, I went with a throwback. This was the second book ever written by Jahquel J. and I must say I was impressed with her writing technique. All the elements were there; plot twist, steamy love scenes, a storyline that gripped you from the first page and it was ghetto... Just how I like my books.

Minka Santos came into the world in the least ideal way. Her mother didn't want her and made it evident. Later Minka learns why, and although she was at the receiving end of her mother's hatred, she understands her mother's plight.

Some might call Minka a gold digger, but I didn't think so. One thing about being from the ghetto is that survival mode kicks in early and stays with you. Even though she was smart, and graduated from college, a 9 to 5 wasn't in the cards for Minka. Her occupation was sleeping with wealthy men for coins. All that stops when she meets the man of her dreams, Micah Johnson.

Micah Johnson is a bad boy turned good. He's also a linebacker in the NFL. After getting Minka's number, he loses it and runs into her again. He tells her the encounter must be luck or fate, but Minka doesn't think so “I don't believe in luck and I damn sure don't believe in fate."

The two hit it off, until Minka's past threatens to ruin them. Micah learns from Minka's frenemy, Sasha, about how Minka secured her bag, and Micah breaks things off with her.

As I stated earlier, this was a really good read. It was so messy and got my attention from the first page. It did end with a cliffhanger and although it was written back in 2014, I really hope Jah revisits these characters, so we get an ending.

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