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Book Review on Money is the Motto by Mercy B

Imagine being talked into going to a party. Then imagine having a brief encounter with your potential soul mate, only for him to get locked up on a two-year bid. That's exactly how the story goes for Money and Prophet.

After that life changing moment with Prophet, Money Malaya Richardson continues with her life. She's in a relationship with Terrance's trash ass. Terrance is the poster boy for #FuckBoyFriday. His verbal abuse soon turns physical. My girl Money needed an out!

That's when Prophet enters. After sitting down for 2 years, he comes back for Money. She's all he's thought about during his bid. Prophet is EVERYTHING! I love his take charge attitude and the way he demands respect from Money.

What I liked the most about this read was that Mercy B. touched on how abuse can change someone. Money went from a light to a dimly lit one. It's Prophet who points it out to her, and like the book bae he is, he pours love back into her.

If you're looking for a love story, minus the unnecessary drama, then Money is the Motto should be your next read.

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