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Book Review on Make Me Feel It by Aubree Pynn

If you are in to second chance romances, look no further, this is the read for you. Zaim and Davina have a good thing going on, but Davina wants more. Like any other female in a relationship, Davina wants the ring and marriage, she doesn't just want to be a live-in girlfriend for the rest of her life. The only problem is, Zaim doesn't want to get married. "If you love me, make me feel it. Not with control or money but with your actions. If you can't give me that, I can't be here. I stayed lone enough without getting what I really wanted, and I can't do that for another six years."

Davina is a no nonsense, headstrong woman. She's also an attorney acting as a Music Mogul's manager. "Truth was that I was all those things while being his lover, homie, and friend. I was the strongest soul tie to ever attach to him and he knew it. But like her mom," I couldn't help but wonder if she was holding herself back for Zaim. "You are a lawyer! You graduated at the top of your class. Black excellence that has tied her life up with black scum." When she finally realizes her worth, she chucks the deuces up on Zaim for him to get his act together and come to his senses. That is until life throws a curveball that forces them back in to each other’s lives.

Zaim is a mannish fella from New Orleans, he has just enough charm to not be considered a dickhead. His green eyes and creole features have all the ladies swooning, but that's part of his problem, Davina wants to be the only one enraptured in his charisma. His stubbornness and fear almost make him lose out on the best thing that ever happened to him. "Playing with Davina's heart was dangerous. She gave me every ounce of herself and my scared ass couldn't give her half of me without pause." That is until life forces him to grow up and become a better man.

This book was filled with drama, betrayal, and deceit. It even had a splash of ghetto and comedy, which is a sure way to keep my attention. It even gave readers some inspirational words. "Don't ever stop fighting. Don't ever stop saying I love you, even when it's hard to. And son, it will be hard at times. But stay and hold on. You two are a testament of what love is and what it means to build in the name of love." Overall, I enjoyed it and can't wait to see what else Beatsville has in store readers.

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