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Book Review on Love Me, Yours Truly by A. Marie Johnson

What happens when everyone in the entire universe knows two people are destined to be together, except the two people that are destined to be together? Love Me Yours, Truly will tell you all about it. "'Cause Jalia was meant for you, son. When are you going to go get what's yours?" This story is a cute friends to lovers novella that left me smiling and swooning.

Jalia Morris is a mess and not in a good way. She has the worst taste in men, but that's not her only problem. She also always needs her best friend Hamidi to come and clean up her messes. "Other than the fact that you're hardheaded as fuck. Whenever I give you the game, you turn around and do the opposite of what I say."

Hamidi Fitz is the epitome of BDE (big dick energy), he's strong and commandeering, but his Achilles heel is Jalia. "Unless the request came from or was about Jalia. She was the reason he had a soft side; she was his soft side. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. He would part the sea for her with no clue on how to do so but he would get that shit done. Without a doubt."

When these two finally stop fighting the inevitable, they finally see what everyone else is seeing. This story was the perfect blend of romance with a splash of comedy. "Jalia, I swear on Jesus' left and right sandal that if you're not done with Jerrod after we do this, Ima be done with you." I look forward to reading more from this author.

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