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Book Review on Last Chance to Love by B. Love

Who doesn't love a good romance novel? I know I definitely do and B. Love never fails to deliver. Made to Love is a cute romance novella about Morgan. Morgan is a successful goal orientated woman. A woman who seems to have everything going for herself until slowly the few things she cares about start to disappear. "'I'm lonely,' I whispered before clearing my throat and looking around. As if someone was watching us and had read my lips."

And along comes Amaru. When Morgan goes to see a matchmaker she runs in to a blast from her past. "At the sight of him, I stood frozen in place. My heart instantly skipped a beat, and I wanted to smile, but the scowl that covered his face caused me to frown." I have to admit, it took me a minute to warm up to Amaru. Mostly because he was just so mean to Morgan. I was actually shocked that he agreed to go out with her again, I was even more surprised when he actually seemed to enjoy himself while dating her. "I'm tired of trying to keep pieces of myself from you. Yea, I wanted to make you want me, but I honestly didn't want to want you more than I already did. Do. But when you do shit to remind me of how familiar you are with me... I can't help but want to reconnect with you in the deepest ways."

Overall this was a great book. If you don't like novellas I would recommend staying away from this read. But if you would like to read a cute love story that won't tie you up for an entire day, this is definitely the book for you.

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05 de jun. de 2020

Great review!

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