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Book Review on It's the Cappin' and Creepin' for Me

Have you ever woken up happy with your life and everything in it and then suddenly, one thing turns your day from sugar to shit? Well, that's precisely what happened to Porsha in this story. "My hair was still pressed to the Gods. My ass was getting fatter. My stomach was getting slimmer. My edges weren't running away from my face. My acne was clearing up. My skin looked fuckin' flawless. Whew! I was truly feeling like that bitch and I made sure to tell myself that several times in the mirror to get myself hyped up. Everything still seemed to be aligning perfectly for a good day." And as soon as sis stepped outside, her good day turned bad.

Porsha is in a relationship with Capone, his name rings bells in the streets, but that still didn't stop someone from slashing her tires. "Plus he had an aura to him that brought power to his name, and I loved that because it meant that niggas knew not to cross me because I was his girl." When Porsha hits Capone up to help rescue her from her terrible day, he's MIA. "Damn, shorty crybaby needy ass always had an issue with something." When Capone doesn't pull through for her, Porsha is forced to get help elsewhere. When her bestie Tru recommends Diamond to assist her, Porsha is faced with much more than getting her car up and running. "Once at the back door, I swung it open and was greeted by a massively muscular bronze GOD. I thought for a second that maybe this was the wrong guy. I mean, when Tru described him, she made him sound like some forty-year-old grease ball with a face like sandpaper. This man was everything but that. Lord Jesus, was he everything but that.” When Diamond steps on the scene it has Porsha re-evaluating her relationship with Capone.

It was really the cappin' and creepin' for me. This book had real life elements added into it to make it that much more relatable. For instance, when Capone got mad at Porsha he went right to Facebook and made a subluminal status about her. That along with drama and comedy splashed in made for an interesting read. This book does end on a cliffhanger, but per the author, the second installment should be coming soon. I'll definitely be tuned in.

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