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Book Review on Inhale by K. Yvette

Inhale is a story inspired by Jazmine Sullivan's latest album, Heaux Tales. It's a story of a woman navigating her life after a breakup, while incorporating some "tales" from other characters in the story. "She felt tossed out on the street. With no fair warning. No closure. No last round of sex to say goodbye." When the main character, Naomi, feels damaged beyond repair, she ventures to a sort of AA group for women, that talk about their breakups and help each other heal. It's in the basement of Leedy, the unofficial den mother, that she creates a bond with women so strong, she's deemed them as her family.

Naomi Simone Carlton was what most women aspired to be. "She was an Olympian athlete. Her credentials were lengthy. She'd done it all and surpassed every goal that she'd personally set for herself, along with smashing the records of her predecessors." But even, with all of her fame and fortune, her heart is in need of repair. A breakup that occurred five years ago was weighing on her heavy. "A smell would do it. A particular song on the radio could too. It was certain foods she didn't eat anymore because they reminded her of him." She's unable to get her heart and mind on one accord. Heart still longs for the love that her and Bishop once shared, but her mind knows that what once was, will never be again. How could things ever go back to what they were when your ex thinks God had a hand in their breakup. "I will remain in your life until God tells me to leave it."

This short story was written so beautifully I was sad for it to end. I found myself rooting for Naomi to overcome her heartbreak and continue to slay life as a bomb ass individual, but I also found myself rooting for her and Bishop to find their way back to each other. If you don't know, K. Yvette is Nako's pen name, and if you've ever read a book by Nako then you know that sis is going to give you some dope sister girl relationships, along with some gems to incorporate in your life, and sis is going to take you to church. "You're worthy of love. You deserve everything that you FREELY give. See, the difference between you and that fellow is that he knew his worth. You didn't." Again, I loved EVERYTHING about this book and can't wait to dive in to Exhale.


If you loved Inhale as much as me, be sure to one-click the sequel, Exhale.

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