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Book Review on In Covenant With Ezra by Love Belvin

Reading makes you fall in love with things that you wouldn't normally think twice about, now here I am in love with a pastor! Unconventional love stories have been my trend for 2020 and this story couldn't possibly get any more unconventional. In this book you meet Ezra Carmicheal, a man who takes on many different roles and I'm not sure which one I love the most. "You wear a mask. A veil. To a few you're a scientist. But to me, you're simply dominant."

This story starts off introducing Alexis "Lex" Grier, she's a lovable around the way girl, a caregiver, a nurturer and a highly unlikely candidate to be Ezra's love interest. For the first few chapters we only get to experience Ezra through Lex's vantage point, which leaves us thinking "He was a weird, arrogant, controlling and - now clearly freaky-ass". In chapter 4 we get to meet Ezra for ourselves and he is the complete opposite of what Lex thinks. He's strong, mysterious, captivating and a man of God fulfilling his destiny.

Ezra's isn't really the courting type, in fact he and Alexis's courtship is terrible. No one but he can understand his need for Alexis. He needs her so much so he proposes marriage. "Marriage is an institution of binding two people together for eternity to pursue the world together within the parameters set by God but using whatever tools, props and or coping mechanisms needed so long as He is used as our arsenal and shield. You and I, together, can bind and create whatever world needed to be happy. I can provide this to you. Don't think about traditionalism. Don't consider what you've been taught marriage should be; create a new definition of it and chase it with me." And that is precisely what they did.

Ezra and Lex may not have been struck by Cupid's arrow, but the attraction they shared for each other definitely helped their marriage along, well that and their bomb sex life. I'm not sure if it was Lex's inexperience or the fact that Ezra was celibate for 7 years, but their were definitely sparks in their bedroom. "Bombs and firecrackers exploding in my belly. White flashes of lightening appearing behind my lids. My lungs filled to capacity and sloughed air roughly to empty. Delicious zings of pleasure shot from the tip of my prickled scalp to the ends of my arched feet. This was bliss like nothing else before." They don't start out having sex, with him being a pastor and all, but when they do, it's orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. But wait... There's more. Ezra is in to BDSM! The readers don't discover this until the very end, but that tid-bit will definitely keep me tuned in for book 2.

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Membre inconnu
01 mai 2020

Passa made me want to go to church. The way he prophesied his marriage to Lex and how he was determined to make it work because he knew she was destined for her gave me hope.

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