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Book Review on Heat Waves: A Summer Fling Novella by Kema B

The title of this book was so fitting, it was definitely heat waves in this story, literally and figuratively. Heat Wave is a story centered around a woman named Stacia. I wasn't sure if I wanted to empathize, love or hate his character. Sis was definitely funny, but she was nothing short of a handful.

The story starts off with Stacia wanting to shoot her shot at this fine man in the grocery store, but things don't go as Stacia plans. "Yuh nah my type. Bless up." I legit felt second-hand embarrassment in this scene. But when Stacia's air conditioning unit goes out, she has a second chance at conquering the man of her dreams (no pun intended because she was legit dreaming about dude). I give Stacia credit for being consistent and insistent about the things she wants.

This was my first ready by this author and I was definitely pleased. I look forward to familiarizing myself with more of her work.

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