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Book Review on Girl Code by Brookelyn Mosley

Melodee and Amir have been best friends since grade school. Their chemistry has always been organic. But like most opposite sex friendships, one person wants to be more than friends. "Yeah, it's true. I told you I was falling for you our sophomore year that night in your tree house, you reacted by introducing me to Sheena the next day. Telling me she likes me." So, here we are, twelve years later. Everybody has progressed in life and we're left wondering, is it okay to break 'girl code'.

Melodee's marriage has failed. Her thrive to want more out of her career has forced her and her husband to put expanding their family on the back burner, forcing him to leave her with just her goals and aspirations and a pair of diamond earrings. While navigating her way in to the single life, she reconnects with her old high school bestie, Amir. The familiar spark they once had is still there, forcing Melodee to reevaluate their 'friendship'. There's just one catch. Amir is now her best friend's ex. "You're my best friend's ex-boyfriend. You got her pregnant for God's sake. Y'all got too much history for us to ever have anything together."

Amir is now a celebrity, a Grammy award winning celebrity. He seems to have it all. The only thing he doesn't have is a lady in his life to share it all. And then enters Melodee. Amir has always wanted more with her, but after being friend-zoned, he appreciates what he has instead of thinking of what could be. His past relationship with Sheena, Melodee's best friend, is water under the bridge. Now it's time to get back to his original mission. "'Good. I don't want it to be the same. I'm not looking to be your friend anymore, Mel. I was your friend in high school and that was enough back then. We're grown now. A higher power brought you back in my life at the right time, can't you see that?' He glanced at the photo of his mother sitting on his nightstand. 'So now, I want to be your man. I've always wanted to be that to you and you know that.'"

The entire book I battled the concept of if Melodee was breaking 'girl code' by even thinking about the possibility of a relationship with Amir. No matter the conclusion, this was a great story. I loved every minute of it. It triggered so many emotions while reading. It was romantic, it was controversial and almost brought me to tears. If you're looking for a friends to lovers story with a splash of drama, this is the perfect read. I can't wait to dive in to the sequel.

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