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Book Review on Ghetto Birds by Jahquel J.

Anyone that knows anything about me knows I'm full of drama, so it's only right that the books I love are filled with drama as well. Ghetto Love Birds is being added to my list of books filled with drama. Shana and Ohana are teenagers in love, doing what most teenagers in love do, having sex. And like most decisions that teens make, they aren't thought out completely, usually creating a mess. Shana and Ohana's mess led to them creating a life. At the age of 16 Shana finds herself pregnant and eager to get caught up in her new family life, but Ohana and her family have different plans for her. "Ohana made me so angry. I was so mad that I could spit. He was supposed to be my support system. Instead, both my parents were handing me to the wolves. They would rather leave our family behind in New York than have anyone find out that I was pregnant with O's baby. Some parents."

Shana grows into a beautiful and successful woman after her parents help avert the "crisis" from her teen years. She's a successful blogger, creating her own lane in the game. She's even engaged to a millionaire, Wayne. Living the life that her parents always dreamed about. That is until her fiancé has her cooking for one of his business engagements, placing her right in the line of vision of Ohana... again. Even though their relationship was technically puppy love, one never forgets their first love. "It was clear that so much time had gone by that neither one of us probably knew what to say to one another. Either way, I knew that tonight I would be tossing and turning wondering why God forced our paths to cross again."

Ohana, also known as Shiest O, is an up-and-coming rapper. He's still living in New York, but considering a move to ATL. His girlfriend, Honey isn't originally okay with the idea, but after a few days in the A, both Ohana and Honey are having second thoughts about their move, both for very different reasons. "Even after all these years, I knew I couldn't sit and keep it real with how I felt about her. I never stopped loving Sha, and my music was evident of that that. Seeing her with a man that she clearly didn't love was fucked up." Ohana is considering trying to get that old thing back, seeing Shana unhappy and just going through the motions isn't sitting right with him. But with Wayne and Honey in the way will that be a problem?

This book was a quick read, but still packed a punch. The title is what drew me in. I am a fan of love stories, but I am obsessed with ghetto shit. The drama in this book is brewing, but there's more to come. This book does end on a cliffhanger, and at the time of reading it, the second book wasn't out yet. Hopefully it won't take long to be released. But when it does, I'll be downloading on its release day. Great job Jahquel!

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