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Book Review on Fell for the Wrong One by Tay Mo'Nae

Title will be released January 4, 2023


Twins that swap places for a first date, a filthy rich millionaire that has kinky hobbies, wrapped in a love story, has to be the perfect recipe for a five star read right? Tay Mo'Nae stepped outside of the box with this one and I was pleasantly surprised. When Zarah approaches her sister about swapping places, Zarinah is confused. Not that they haven't swapped places before, but it just seemed unnecessary to her. What was supposed to be a one off, turned into something none of the parties involved were expecting. Once the pages started turning in this book, it was almost like watching a movie as things unfolded. "We had texted a few times beforehand, but the person behind the phone and the in person seemed completely different."

Zarinah and her sister, Zarah, were like night and day. Complete polar opposites, considering they are twins. When Zarah double books her sponsors, she asks Zarinah to help her out by pretending to be her for a first date. "Because I don't want to count out the first guy yet, but the second guy seems to have more potential." If only Zarah knew how true her words were. After being blackmailed into agreeing to help her sister out, Zarinah is off to do her sisterly duty, hoping things will go off without a hitch so she can get back to her life. That is until she lays eyes on Lawson. Her instant attraction to him makes things more difficult and helps make the tangled web she’s in that much stickier. "'I love him, Zarah. I fell in love with Lawson, and I'm going to tell him the truth,' I admitted."

Lawson McKnight was a wealthy man that had just about everything his heart desired. The exception being a woman that he wanted to start a family with. With him being a mega millionaire, finding the perfect woman was much harder than it seemed. So, to occupy his time and mind, he found himself taking up hobbies. Some traditional and some not so traditional. When he lays eyes on Zarah, or who he thinks is Zarah, he can see his dreams coming true. "From the first time I saw you, I felt something deep inside me for you. I knew you would be mine. You're the perfect woman for me. The one I prayed and asked God for every night. You light a fire inside me that has been dead for a while now. You're the first person I think about in the morning and the last one on my mind at night. I didn't think I had a possessive side, but with you, I can't help but want to claim you and show you off to everyone. Keep you tucked by my side and have you near me all day." While Lawson is planning his future with Zarah, he has not even the slightest inclination that his future wife isn't who she claims to be.

I literally was holding my breath waiting on the other shoe to drop in this book. Even though this isn't a thriller, I was anticipating on stuff getting crazy, and Tay Mo'Nae did not disappoint. I loved how multifaceted this book was, because even if you aren't into one of the specific tropes included in this book, there were multiple options to grab your attention. Lawson was as close to perfect as humanly possible, so I'm sure he'll be added to several book bae lists. Zarinah is either one of those characters you will either love or hate, there will be no in-between for her. I found myself wanting to shake her several times as the story went on. But in my opinion, those kinds of characters are what makes the book more enjoyable. Tay Mo'Nae is starting 2023 on a good foot and I can't wait until you guys are able to read this story.

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