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Book Review on Crave by Shae Sanders

Typically, when we read about polyamorous relationships it's a guy with multiple women. Thankfully, Shae Sanders decided to shake things up a bit and give readers, particularly me, a book with a woman that's in control of her polyamorous love life. In this book we are introduced to Skye, a professor that goes to a small town in Tennessee to write. Nothing like being surrounded by boredom to help get those creative juices flowing. That is until she realizes she's living merely feet away from her favorite boy band from back in the day, Crave. Angelo, Jamal, G and Matt make up the group that once gave Skye some of her best memories from her teenage years. When Angelo comes over to introduce himself to his new neighbor, instantly Skye realizes she's in trouble. "I frowned at that. 'We?' 'Yeah. Me and my boys. It's four of us over here.' Great. Just fucking great. Four dicks?"

With no other attractive women in the city, the guys are trying to sort out who gets dibbs on Skye, or should they just focus on the reason they're out there, to work on new music and get things ready for their upcoming tour. Instead, they decide to make Skye an offer she can't refuse. "'How would you feel about dating us?' Angelo said. 'Us, meaning the three of them,' Matt clarified. 'I ain't got shit to do with it. I'm just here to moderate.'" With date being the operative word, Skye is all in, but she can't deny the sexual attraction she has for all three men. And just as much as Skye is attracted to them, the guys are equally attracted to her. "I think I can speak for all of us when I say we like you. You're dope as fuck. Smart. Sexy. Funny. so we're not just trying to smash. We like spending time with you, too. You can get wined and dined and all that good shit but if you want your back blown out or your pussy ate, you can get that too. It's whatever you want. It's all about you."

After the particulars are worked out, this book turns in to the read of every sexually empowered woman's dreams. Skye did things on her own terms with no regrets. "Yes. It was definitely love. They loved me and I loved them right back. All of them, but in different ways and for different reasons. Eros for my boyfriends and Philia for Matt. They were mine and I was theirs. Bonded. Forever." Even though this book is filled with lots of steamy sex scenes, there is a plot, there is some drama and even a little plot twist. This was my first read by this author and she has me smitten with her work. I loved the originality of the plot. I loved all the characters. I even loved how to some, this read may seem unrealistic, but it still gave realistic vibes to me when I was reading it. There is a part two to this book, but it does not end on a cliffhanger. Also, if you are frigid and easily offended, this may not be the read for you.

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