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Book Review on Caged by Kaige Keira

Caged tells two parallel love stories about four new adults navigating their way through life. "People think love is what gets you through the tough times in a relationship. But people can fall in and out of love every day. Once you give that person your trust, you can't lose it easily unless you deliberately fucked it up. Trust and communication go hand in hand, and love follows. Once you break either one, what foundation do you have left to solidify your relationship? A temporary emotion with multiple interpretations of what it means or looks like?" In this story we are introduced Autumn, Avery, Blessing and Priest. Their situations and circumstances are the polar opposite of normal and will have most readers drawn in from the start of the book.

Autumn Coleman is your typical good girl, excelling and achieving in school and trying to be the best big sister and daughter she can be. "Autumn was definitely a catch. She was going to school to study to become a doctor. She was a good girl. It was a bonus that she was also a virgin. Nobody could say they touched her. She truly was a rare diamond in a rhinestone world." While heading to the library she runs in to Avery (like sis really ran into him), and her life was changed forever. Initially Autumn views Avery as a distraction, but even she can't deny the connection that is between them. Her mother, Dina, has taught her many valuable lessons, but it's one that stands out the most as her and Avery get closer. "Mama was right, Autumn thought as she pulled off. Niggas ain't shit." Avery's nonchalant attitude may ruin everything Autumn hoped would be.

Blessing Richards is only eighteen years old, but she knows what she feels for Priest is love. If only she could get him to provide the consistency she needed. "He pursued her and best believe, he was gon' treat her how she needed to be treated. She wasn't a bitch. She was that bitch and Priest better recognize before it's too late. Fuck around and lose out on his blessing." But Priest's sketchy actions is due to a secret he's been keeping, a secret that could very much be the last straw, as far as Blessing is concerned.

This author pens a story that is so captivating, so intriguing, so jaw-dropping, that I felt as if it was my first read by her. The fact the book takes place in my hometown, New Orleans, made me enjoy the story that much more. Even though this story is technically a love story, there are urban undertones, there's nothing boring about it. There's lies, deception, secrets and so much more. The author does have a trigger warning at the beginning of the book, but nothing in it was cringeworthy, in my opinion at least. This book does end on a cliffhanger and we are currently waiting on the next installment (I know that's important for some of you guys to know), but I will be front and center when the next book is released. Great job Kaige Keira! I can't wait to read more of your future work!

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