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Book Review on Business Casual by Danielle Allen

You would think in a fictitious world things would be simple, well that usually isn't the case, and it definitely isn't the case for Imani Jones. Imani almost seems as if she's a magnet for bad luck when this story starts. Things seem to take a turn for the better when she meets a handsome man on the way to her job interview, he even asks her out on a date. Only for Imani to get to the interview and find out that tonight's date is her soon to be boss. "It was supposed to be a one-night stand. It ended up being the best night of my life. And everything that happened after that was against company policy."

Imani convinces herself that she can control herself and her vagina when it comes to Tre Franklin. She's not on the market for a relationship after her ex, Avery, leaves a bad taste in her mouth. But the more she's around Tre and his charismatic energy, the more she finds herself asking some difficult questions. "Can I afford to lose the Franklin Financial contract? Is dick worth losing a six-month contract that is paying more than I made last year? Is dick worth losing a bag? Can I wait six months to ride this man?" It could all be so simple if they had kept things as a one-night stand. "I've never had someone impress me in the bedroom and the boardroom before. That shit is elite."

Alexander "Tre" Franklin is the complete package. "His face was sculpted perfection with a beard that graced his jawline sexily. His broad shoulders were covered in an expensive-looking grey suit. but it was the way the 6'2" bronze Adonis looked at me that caused a chill to run down my spine." He's smart, he's charming and he's white-collar excellence. There's just one catch... He's Imani's boss. And although she's only a contracted employee, it's still a bad look for the company. "You're a partner. She's a lawsuit." Imani had Tre willing to risk it all and readers will be on pins and needles waiting to see how their story ends.

This was a cute Insta-Love story. The chemistry and the energy between Imani and Tre was everything. The sex scenes were bomb and nasty, I clutched my imaginary pearls while reading. This book was fun to read, but I loved the seriousness in the underlying message as well. "As a Black woman in this country, it's hard enough for us. And unfortunately, because they like to lump us together, your situation becomes a justification for not including women, particularly Black women, to have a seat at the table." I would love to see an update on these characters in the future. Great job Danielle!!

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