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Book Review on Built on Broken Pieces by Lamartz Brown

Cash and Mason lose their parents early in the story, forcing them to be closer with the family they have left. Kareem is their cousin, but he's always been like a brother to his two cousins. Prevailing after tragedy, these guys put together their broken pieces and try to make the best of life. Cash is an up-and-coming singer with a girlfriend dealing with a lot of trauma from her past. Mase is a basketball player caught up with a married woman. Kareem is a pre-med student that has a fascination with the fast life. As this story unfolds, secrets are revealed, and it leaves this family struggling to put broken pieces together again. "We never expected life to be what it was. We were trying to make the best of it. I didn't know what this new chapter of my life had in store. If all of these good things were a sign, I was moving in the right direction. I looked around at the many faces, all of us encountering things that should have broken us."

This was the author's first book and I think he did a decent job of telling the story. It's an urban fiction read, but there are some romance elements added to it. There's a good bit of drama added to the book that will definitely keep you reading. The author also adds a plot twist, which I love, that will make you want to go back and reread to see what you missed. If you're looking to add another male author to your TBR list, definitely give this book a try.

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