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Book Review on Broken by K.O. McGee

When two broken souls meet the only thing that can happen are good things, right? Well, it depends on who you ask. Amerie is a woman that's suffered a tragic lost and cannot envision herself moving forward, especially not with the physical therapist that's supposed to be assisting her with healing. Amerie is trying her hardest to keep up the strong independent façade, but the only person she's fooling is herself. "What if I fell for Maxwell and something happened to him like Carver? I would be devastated all over again. But, I also knew I couldn't live everyday in fear."

Maxwell has suffered his own tragic experience. But like any man, he handles his loss much differently than a woman. Specifically, Amerie. He's a healer by nature, so it was only right that he's a physical therapist. "You are always here trying to fix everything. Fix me! I'm unrepairable. I am broken, Maxwell. You can't fix me too." He wants what's best for Amerie, professionally and unprofessionally. Her feisty demeanor is somewhat deterring, but also proving to be a major turn on.

This was my first read by this author and I must admit, this was a cute contemporary read. I also liked the main characters' careers, a physical therapist and a baker. If you're looking for a love story without the drama, this is the read for you.

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