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Book Review on Broke Girls & Rich Dreams: Vol. 1 by Antoinette Sherell

If Antoinette Sherell can't do anything else, sis can pen a good ol' messy read. This book was messy from the start to the very end of the book. Lies, deception and drugs are key elements of this story. Add in a little humor, "I promise you that she still works very well, Bella. But you know what works even better than prison pussy? These prison hands. Keep testing me, and I'll show you just how well." With a splash of nasty, "I could see her eyes focusing on my dick, so I made it bounce a few times before slapping her thigh." In this story we meet Zay and Prosper, along with some of their family members: America, Praise, Dessi and Hakeem, just to name a few. Dysfunctional would be the word I used to describe this family and their dynamics. I was not ready for all the drama that took place in this read!

When Zay is first released from prison after doing a 4-year bid, she has to go live with her mom, America. Her sister, Dessi and her son are already occupying space there which makes Zay that much leerier to stay there. But because she doesn't have any other options, she begrudgingly goes there. America isn't your typical fictional mom. Even though her daughter needs her, she isn't as welcoming as she should be. "Because you can't stay here much longer. I love you, but I already got Dessi and the baby here cramping my style. plus, you're twenty-five, so I've done my job already, and ain't much room left for you. I would say you have a month to figure shit out, but since you came out my pussy, I'll give you two." But once 'Keem lays eyes on Zay, those two months quickly evaporate, leaving Zay high and dry.

After a corner store run, Zay runs in to Praise, which leads to Zay meeting Prosper. Prosper is your typical street king. Fine, paid and exuding big dick energy. "I ain't backing out of shit! I was just giving you the option 'cause once I'm inside of you, ain't no turning back." From the moment Prosper lays eyes on Zay he knew it was something about her, but after propositioning her to join his team, they bond, forming a connection that makes quite a few of the other characters jealous. "I talked shit to her ass a lot, but it was 'cause I fucked with the little vibe we had. Zay had been nothing but a damn headache in the beginning, but I was growing use to her the more we spent time together."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! There weren't any slow spots or fluff in it. It held my attention from the beginning to the end. There wasn't any unnecessary drama or characters. This was a true urban fiction book with a splash of romance along with a side of murder. The ending of this book left me with my mouth hanging wide open! I cannot wait for the next installment of this series. Great job Antoinette Sherell! (Side note: The Jo from this story reminds me of my real life Jo... crazy af!!!)

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