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Book Review on Birthright by Adenike

Birthright is a paranormal story about family, love and filled with a splash of messy drama. When the story opens, we are taken to a place in time that is centered around slavery. A young woman, Sunta, is dying while giving birth and her sisters are trying to help her crossover to the after world. Then we are introduced to Medallion, a married woman that is have an affair with her husband's co-worker. Medallion starts the story out by announcing she's pregnant and the paternity of her baby is being questioned by both men.

When the readers see Sunta again she's on the hunt for her baby. Sunta believes Medallion's baby is hers and will stop at nothing to get him back.

I am not well versed on paranormal stories so I was not sure what to expect while reading this story, but I will say that it did hold my attention and was very original. It didn't start off with spirits and magic and made the initial part of the story easy to digest. The character development on Medallion was impeccable, I admired how the author was able to get me to see her in a different light by the end of the story. If you enjoy books by Octavia Butler, this read is for you.

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