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Book Review on Ariah & Lucian by Tay Mo'Nae

When Tay Mo'nae hit me up about reviewing her upcoming book, I almost declined. Life has been life-ing in a major way over here. But she dropped a key word when trying to grab my attention, ghetto. And we all know I love all things ghetto. So, I told life to step aside so I could get into Ariah and Lucian. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of my review, I want y'all to know, she ain't lied. This book was ghetto, so you know I enjoyed it. There's fighting, gun play, dead beat baby daddies and a plethora of more ghetto shit. So, let's get into the actual review.

Ariah is a stripper with a trifling baby. The only good he could ever bring her is her son, Devon. The book actually starts with him cheating. "'Fuck it up sis!' Rissa yelled just as I swung the bat, smashing out the front passenger tinted window. Instantly the alarm went off." From bouncing back and forth between baby mommas, to him messing with other strippers at the same club she works at, Ariah has had enough. At the start of her journey to freedom and independence, she happens upon Lucian. A Lacross man that is a part of the St Angels biker club. The attraction was instant. "I'm actually tryna get your nigga to let me go, but now that I look at him." And in an act of pettiness, one kiss was all it took for their connection to be sealed. I don't have to tell y'all that a 22 year old stripper, that's a single mother, that has relationship PTSD, paired with a hint of domestic violence, along with her thinking she's one of the Avengers with how much she fights, isn't just gonna walk right into a happily ever after. But it sure was entertaining as hell to read. "I'm the girl who's not afraid to bust windows out, break game systems, cut up clothes, pull up at houses ready to go to war, curse out whoever I feel is disrespecting me. I'm jealous and some have called me crazy."

Lucian Lacross is fresh out of prison from doing a four year bid. The only thing he wants to do is get his life on track so it can resemble a sense of normalcy. But with a past that won't let go, and a new love interest, that won't be an easy feat. The firecracker with the red hair has him intrigued. Not only was she beautiful, but her personality had his interest piqued. But Ariah doesn't make it easy to get close to her. So, being the nonchalant nigga he is, he follows her lead. "Nothing. We kickin it. Nothing serious." When Lucian's past finally catches up to him, and he has a scrape with death, he realizes that he shouldn't be following Ariah's lead. "Last time I was here I let you say your peace, took it, and bounce. This time things gon' go different."

As I already stated, I enjoyed this book. It gives spin-off or standalone series energy and I'm definitely here for it. We even got a pop in from a few of my old favorites. "You know how it is. I'm sure hoes be throwing themselves at Remy all the time. Don't it make you crazy." I can't wait to see what's up next from Tay Mo'Nae!

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