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Book Review on Anchor Me by J. Chary

If you're familiar with The Bucket List series, then you are definitely familiar with Club Eros. J. Chary takes us back to this adult playground briefly to introduce readers to Sullivan and Aseem. What I anticipated as another steamy romp session penned by Ms. Chary, turned out to be a second chance romance that kept me thoroughly entertained. But make no mistake about it, these characters are getting it in, but there's also a plot. One that frustrated me, along with making me swoon. “Finnneee, but I want my pussy ate from the back on the balcony while I look at the stars.”



Sullivan aka Sully, is our female main character. Her childhood trauma causes her to be difficult and stubborn at times, but that kind of comes with the territory when trying to protect your heart. Her attraction to Aseem was instant, almost as if it was love at first sight. But to keep her heart guarded, she's convinced herself that this could only be for one night. When Aseem gives her a taste of her own medicine, she's left wondering if she's made the right decision. "Not after the way Aseem dismissed me. My pride and feelings were hurt, so I was going home to lick my wounds for a bit." Even after things get back on track, Sully's past gets in the way of her relationship flourishing, no matter how much love Aseem pours into her. “You know what hurts more than watching you forward my call to voicemail, is you ignoring and distancing yourself from me the past four days. If you don’t want to be together anymore, Aseem, say that shit to my face, and we can both go on our way.”

Coming from a two parent household, Aseem's views on relationships and love are quite different from Sully's. “My parents never cursed at each other when they argued. When they had differences, they sat and talked them out calmly. So we gon’ do the same. If that’s not something you can do, then let me know, and we can end things now. I’m never gonna disrespect you when I’m angry, and I expect the same from you.” He has a blueprint on what he feels relationships should look and feel like. But like that old saying goes, hurt people hurt people. Sully's past causes her to do and say things that just aren't conducive for what Aseem's relationship should look like. Because of his parent's great example, he's able to practice patience and understanding with a person he just knows is his soulmate.

I love how layered J. Chary's characters are. While reading about Sully, Aseem and even their families, they felt as if they were real people. Almost as if I was watching my family members interact. Sully was a tad bit difficult, but I loved watching her grow and heal, so she could be exactly what she needed to be for Aseem. I also loved how Aseem was almost perfect, he had just enough flaws to make me feel there are really men like him out there in the world. "I’m grateful that after all this time, you still anchor me in all the ways that made me fall so deeply in love with you.” In conclusion, this book was, an insta-love story, a second chance romance, a spin-off, a low key porno, and a five star read.

Side note: It wouldn't be a J. Chary book if she didn't stress the importance of drinking water. “C’mon, let’s take a break. You need to drink some water.”

And if you haven't already, check out Please Me. It features Thea, Sully's sister, and Rah, Aseem's brother.

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🥰🥰🥰🥰 thankies so much for reading Qi! I'm glad you enjoyed my babies❤️

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Jan 31
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You’re welcome 💜

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