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Book Review on A Trip Around the Sun by K.O. McGee

Things are heating up for Crimson Knox and it's not because her best friend Raphael has her blood pressure through the roof. When an old flame, Dayton Burke, appears on the scene, Crimson has to decide if she should leave the past in the past, or pick things up right where they left off. "College students focusing on graduation and establishing careers, didn't make a great foundation for a successful relationship." With her 30th birthday swiftly approaching, Crimson wants to start focusing on her personal life so she can get married and have kids, but with her best friend, Raphael is making her life harder, and her demanding career, she isn't sure that's possible.

When Dayton lays eyes on Crimson during their unexpected encounter, old feelings start to seep into his system. "Damn, what a blast from the past. I hadn't kept tabs on her since TSU and had no idea what she was up to these days. Time had definitely done her body good. I tried hard not to stare." And if his feelings weren't enough, fate decided to step in and make sure he understood the assignment. "'What do I need to do to get the same attention that book is receiving?' I playfully asked the woman. She slowly lowered the book, then removed the sunglasses. A familiar pair of piercing hazel eyes met my gaze. "Crimson?' I whispered in surprise." But even when things should be simple, they aren't. Crimson and Dayton can't seem to get out of their own way so they can truly be happy.

This was a second chance romance that was an enjoyable read. Short and sweet. The author threw in just enough drama to keep readers flipping the pages until the very end. Even though the female lead character was a strong independent woman, her independence wasn't overbearing making readers dislike her. Great job K.O.!

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