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Book Review on A Sweet Escape, A Sweeter Pryce by Che Moon

The more books I read by this author, the more I fall in love with her work. This book is short and steamy and filled with lots and lots of sex. Like really nasty sex. You will need to clutch your pearls a few times during this read. But even with a plethora of sex scenes, this book still had a plot and just enough substance to make sure the author didn't lose anyone. In this book we are introduced to Pryce and Eveleigh. Their story is unconventional, at best, but that's what makes this story interesting to read.

Everleigh is fresh out of a relationship. While helping her cousin out at her flower shop, she meets the perfect man to help get her mind off of her broken heart. "That was the first thought that came to mind when my eyes fell upon this rugged dread head with the prettiest eyes." Her plans are to have a hot girl summer, but her heart and her coochie aren't on the same accord. Lines are blurred, feelings are caught and we aren't sure what the right decisions are when it comes to matters of the heart.

Pryce is the epitome of a playboy. In fact, his face should be beside the definition in the dictionary. "If I made it through a rough day, I deserved pussy. If I stepped foot outside, I deserved pussy. Any task I completed... you guessed it; A nigga deserved some ass." He'll take a one-night stand over a relationship any day. That is until he happens upon Everleigh. She makes him feel things he's never felt, and his brain is having a hard time processing that. Maybe it's the thrill of the chase, but one thing is for certain, homeboy is definitely jonesing.

Sex, drama, secrets, a splash of comedy and more sex. These are some of the key elements in this book and every element held some originality. My attention was held throughout the book and I quickly found myself rooting for the main characters. I would love to see more of these characters in the author's future work. Great job Che!

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