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Book Review on A Little Bit of Karma by Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Reshonda Tate Billinglsey is back with another must-read! Romantic suspense isn't normally her genre, but she definitely killed this book! It played like a movie in my head while reading and I was thoroughly impressed. It's quite different from her other work, but I'm glad she was able to do something different and still make it appealing to her regular readers.

In this story we are introduced to Jay and Dr. Shannon Lovejoy, the ideal perfect couple, or so we think. "For a while, we seemed like the perfect team. Until my husband decided that our lives weren't good enough." Like any married couple, Jay and Shannon experience problems, but the deal breaker is Jay's affair. Not only does Shannon have to deal with Jay's infidelity, she must do it in front of the world at week long retreat. Things quickly spiral out of control when Jay's mistress shows up and ends up being murdered.

Jay and Shannon are wanted for murder and have to find the real killers to clear their name. While having to work together to solve the mystery that saves there lives, Shannon and Jay get a better understanding of each other and start to take responsibility for their individual roles in the demise of their marriage. "I know this may sound crazy, but sometimes when things are broken, God has an uncanny way of fixing them."

As I got wrapped up in this story I found myself rooting for Jay and Shannon. This was a fictional book that touched on real life issues with little gems dropped throughout the story. "We want you to know that we realized firsthand that marriage is something worth fighting for, and when you have that one person that God has designed especially for you, you don't give up just because things get hard."

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