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Black Justice

“They are the unclean and I am the purifier...The hand of the Divine is without flaw when guiding the sword of justice...”

The Black Lotus was an assassin, murderer, and monster who viciously tortured its prey in the most inhumane ways. A member of the Brotherhood of Blood, a secret group of killers, one would think that the Black Lotus should be either put away or killed for the crimes committed. Right? I guess it depends on which side of the tracks you’re on. I personally believe that the Black Lotus proved to be a community hero who sought justice for those who were unable to protect and advocate for themselves when the police were either unable or unwilling to do so. At first glance, the Black Lotus seemed to be the antagonist of the story, ruthlessly and recklessly assassinating innocent people—one of them being a priest, for God’s sake. As the story goes on, however, you start to wonder... who is the true villain, The Black Lotus or the government officials who intentionally defended people who hurt those in vulnerable populations?

When I look at the bigger picture, I am reminded of us. I am reminded of the countless Black people who have been maimed, murdered, and raped with no justice. I am reminded that nearly half of the United States’ children experience at least one traumatic experience before the age of 18. I am reminded that of that number, 61% of those children are Black. Are we to rely on the criminal justice system to take care of us even though 9 in 10 Black adults believe that the criminal justice system is more of an “oppressive force” than anything else? Well then, what do you do when justice needs to be served? Who is going to advocate for us?

We are.


Vote. Make your voice heard. You know what the issues are. We complain about them every day. Research the candidates, determine whose beliefs align with yours, and vote. Voting is one of the easiest things you can do to represent and make a difference within your community.

While the intentions of the Black Lotus were good, what did it really solve? Did it bring little Johnny back? Did street justice reprimand or get rid of other government officials like Captain Marx who infringes on the rights of others? Although she may have gotten rid of him specifically, what about the other countless dirty government officials out there? What truly makes a difference is changing policy and removing those in power who should not be.

Y’all, we have to get out there and make our voices heard. At this point, it’s life or death—vote or die.

Don’t know where to vote? Click here.

May your voice be the guiding sword of justice.

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