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Are You Self-Editing?


Whether using an editor or not, self-editing should be done by all authors. It's almost as important as penning the actual story. Not only are you able to catch errors and minor plot holes before your editor, but it will help you decide if your story is truly written to your liking. At times our brain will autocorrect words and read a document as we think it should be, when in actuality, we’ve missed words, or spelled a word correctly, but it's the incorrect word. Try printing up your document and reading it, or utilizing the read aloud feature, along with utilizing this checklist. The goal is to become better with every story penned, utilizing new tools is essential to that process.

Check out this self editing checklist provided by MasterClass

Editing Checklist for Self
Download DOCX • 15KB

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04 août 2022

Love this!

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04 août 2022
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Thanks fav 💜

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