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All I Ask of You by Chelsea Maria Book Review

All I Ask of you is the oldest brother in the Kalmain clans story. Amell Kalmain has been the dark and mysterious brother in the two previous novels, (My Heart is Your Secret and Chasing Empty Hearts) but in this installment we learn so much about him. I loved that not only did we get to see his beastly side, we also got to see his softer side as well. If I wasn't intrigued by him before, I was definitely intrigued while reading this story.

Amell Kalmain went from brother to acting dad in the blink of an eye. Not only was he looking out for him and his brothers, he was also trying to keep an eye out on his best friend and his sister. One stormy day things take a drastic turn and nothing was ever the same. Three boys growing up with a mother that didn't want them and a father that barely tolerated them is a recipe for disaster. These brother were walking therapy cases. "Amell was a living killing machine. A sociopath." Then enters, Mitch. Mitchell Kalmain acted as Amell's savior, even though he technically saved all three brothers, Cassian and Atlas only needed Amell as their savior.

Krishna Edwards is your typically spoiled bratty teenager. The kind that acts out so they can get their parents attention. In the midst of her tantrums she meets Amell. To Amell and everyone else, her feelings for Amell is a crush that will eventually subside, but to the universe, this is the beginning of something epic. "Since you were sixteen you always looked at me like I was the king of your universe. Wanted me too inappropriately for a girl your age. I ignored you because that was the right thing to do. Then I kissed you on the night of your eighteenth birthday. That shit fucked with me for a long time. I blamed your mom for asking me to make your birthday memorable, but I went too far by kissing you. Still, I ignored you and went on about my life."

If you remember anything about Amell, you'll know that this book isn't your typical love story. It's death, plenty of violence, and plot twists with a splash of sexual assault. Nothing too detailed, but may be triggering for some. Even with all of the violence, the sex scenes will leave you wanting MORE. The old saying holds true, this author definitely saved the best for last. Amell Kalmain is my favorite Kalmain brother. 'Take me. I'm yours, Amell.' Two words unleashed a beast. A savage. A gentleman.'

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