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A Letter to my Soulmate Gabriel & Justice - Book Review

Updated: May 25, 2023

****This book is slated to release some time in June & contains spoilers***

Dear, Future wife,

Do you remember the frst day we met? It was the moment I knew my life would never be the same again. I know that line sounds cliche, but there is no other way to explain the way I felt the moment I !rst laid eyes on you. It was as if my soul had found its mate. For years, I’d prayed and labored for that one moment, and when it !nally came, I was left dumbfounded. You were a hard woman to crack, even then, but since I’ve never been the one to run from a !ght, it only made me that more excited to know you. To feel you, to hold you, to invite you into our life. The life I’d been building for us, and patiently awaiting your arrival. Even on my wildest day, I would have never pictured it would be this way with us, but I’m happy it’s here, and I’d do it a million times over…as long as on that day, I still met you. See you soon, my Love. Your anxious and overprotective husband.

- Gabriel

Gabriel Designer is a man of all men, boss of all bosses.  He was a street nigga, building a name for himself and a life for his family but his lady, Constance, wasn't having it.  She wanted him out of the streets, which was something he couldn't do just yet.  Her ultimatum was lose the streets or lose me - even if it meant she would leave her two kids, Yameen and Emerald, affectionately known as Sweetie.   After her departure, all he wanted to do was raise his kids, protect them and find them a mother.

My Sweet, handsome, and overprotective Husband,

When you first told me that you knew I’d be your wife, I thought you were the craziest man on earth. I didn’t know you from Adam, and you were insistent on making me see what you saw. Making me believe what you believed, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why. Now, I do. I wish I could have seen it sooner, because life with you has truly been Heaven on earth. You’re my superman, my safe place, and the one person on earth that I never get tired of (and you know I’m not lying). To raise a family with you has been one of life’s greatest gifts and I truly don’t know how I ever lived without you. You’ve been a dream come true. The way you’ve ful!lled every promise you ever made to me, makes me wake up the happiest woman alive, daily. Our days have been long and our years have been short, but I’m convinced no amount of time with you will ever be enough. Thank you for this journey. I live, just to be with you. Still choosing you everyday. Your happy, spoiled, and forever satisfied wife.

- Justice

Justice Ross is a nurse, a woman with a gold heart and mother of two boys, Cassidy and Chicago.  She's Super Woman but we all know sometimes, Super Woman needs hers Super Man to lift some of weight off our shoulders.  Contrary to what social media or today's society may think; men need women and women need men.  We can't do it ALL alone.

After Gabriel and Justice were summoned to their kids', Yameen and Chicago' school because they had a fight, Gabriel knew right there and then, she would be his wife and the mother to his children.  After much persuasion, he gets what he's always wished for.  The blended family become one.  Gabriel becomes the father Cassidy and Chicago need, Justice becomes the mother Yameen and Sweetie desperately need and Gabriel and Justice become the peace they yearn for.

If you're looking for a great insta-love story, a story about blended families and a story with enough drama, then this is it.  Great job Natisha & Azalea!  This is definitely a page turner.

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