60 Kindle Unlimited Authors Every Reader Should Check Out

Kindle Unlimited has opened me up to so many new authors. It's the perfect tool for an avid reader like myself. I can read as much as I want, along with trying new authors without putting a dent in my pocketbook. I've compiled a list of authors on Kindle Unlimited that I suggest every reader should check out. Click their pictures and it will take you straight to their Amazon catalog. If you read anything by these authors be sure to leave a review.

Kema B.

Ladii Nesha

Keta Denise

Chaunee Bennett

Ashantay Keys

Che Moon

Erika B.

Aaliyah Danielle

K.O. McGee


A.S. Wilson

D. Rose

Antoinette Sherell

Kris Lashay

Shatina Shirelle

Tisha Andrews

Bella Jay