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5 Times Pastah Took Me to Church

AshleyNicole’s Take Me to Church is a contemporary read about two individuals, Neriah and Dion, who find themselves unexpectedly falling in love. Dion, a pastor of his church, was not looking for love at all. Like, at. all. And neither was Neriah. Actually, meeting Dion in person wasn’t planned. After appeasing her mother’s desire for Neriah to attend church in person rather than online, she instantaneously became attracted to the pastor.

After fighting their desires for a while, the pastor approached Neriah and proposed that they take a shot at a real relationship. Luckily for the both of them, that was the best decision. Here’s why:

1.) Clearly, homegirl was overly attracted to this man. Why deprive yourself of something you know you want?

2.) Pastah had been celibate for eight years. EIGHT. YEARS., and Neriah never once tempted him or tried to convince him to drop the draws. That’s a win for him. Anyone who’ll let you be you for you without trying to change you should be in your life. PERIODT.