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5 Reasons Guy Saved the Light Bright Book Baes


The majority of the books I read feature a male main character that is always some shade of chocolate or caramel. But if we're being real, chocolate men are leading the race where book baes are concerned. And I get it, it's hard to resist a chocolate man. In If Only for the Summer, Alexandra Warren gives us Guy. Guy isn't your traditional book bae, not only is he described as "light bright", but he's also described as "thick" . "A little lighter than I usually preferred my men since I was considered a light bright myself. But he definitely had the build I liked according to the way his plain navy V-neck strained against his shoulders, chest and biceps. The type of build that would pull you into the warmest bear hug. The type of shoulders you could straddle suspended in the air with his face between your thighs." And after reading that quote, I'm sure you'll understand the need for this blog post. I'm going to give you five reasons on how Guy saved the light bright book baes. It's almost as if he knew they were near extinction and felt it was his job to bring them back. So, keep scrolling and watch my boy work.


1. He was a great dad

“You hear that, Jax? We gotta be good roommates to Miss. Nova so she won’t kick us out. That means you gotta be quiet sometimes, and follow her rules, and clean up your toys after yourself. Oh, and you gotta remember to flush the toilet every time you go, like you do at Mom’s house.”

If it were not for the impeccable sex scenes in this book, Jaxson would have stolen the show. His personality and how Guy was with him definitely gave Guy some major cool points. Who doesn't love their book bae to be a great dad?!


2. He's mannish (straight forward)

“Can you read me a bedtime story and tuck me in too? Can I fall asleep snuggled against those…”

Guy was a man that knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. Giving me that much more of a reason to add him to my book bae list. I love when a male character can give alpha male vibes without being a douche.


3. He's a teacher

“'You’re impressed that an art teacher can mold and sculpt sand? That’s pretty basic, Nova,' I replied as I drew a moat around them with my fingertip."

Who doesn't love a man that can educate you while loving you right? I'll wait... The further I get into these romance books, the more I love the square men. But don't let Guy's career fool you, his childhood wasn't all rainbows and rose petals, giving him the perfect balance.


4. He knows how to make a woman feel good

"He shrugged. 'Well they better get over it. You looked way too good for me not to share with the masses. Should’ve put a “wish you were here” stamp on your cheeks.'”

Nova wasn't even Guy's girl, but he was saying and doing all the right things, as if she were. Imagine a man posting you on his Snapchat and you didn't even have to ask. I was in love right after I read this part.


5. He can make your bed rock.

"The answer to my question came a few moments later with white noise in my ears and static behind my eyes as Guy gave me a stroke powerful enough to send me over the edge, my body so sensitive that I had to get away from him for my own good. But he kept me in place, driving into me until he grunted through his own orgasm and managed to give me another one on the way. I wasn’t even sure if I was still of the earth until I felt Guy pat me on the ass."

Again... the sex scenes in this book were top tier you hear me! After I read this one I low key wanted to shed a tear. Guy was trying to be a good guy and give Nova the space she needed to get things right on her end. But when I tell you I'm glad he gave into her temptation! Omg roses, I'm throwing roses. I don't know if I'm throwing them at Guy or Alexandra, but somebody definitely needs an award for the way Guy was putting it down.


I hope me and Guy have done a great job at convincing you that the "light bright" book baes are making a comeback. If you've loved any of these reasons, be sure to check Guy's book out. Even if it's only to read the sex scenes, I promise, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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