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5 Reasons We're Positive You'll Find A Book Bae in The Four Letter Word Series by Bella Jay

There's no better feeling than finding the perfect book bae. Well Bella Jay has 3 she's offering up on a platter. Technically 4, if you count Landon, but only the author considers Landon to be a book a bae. Landon aside, the other guys in The Four Letter Word series are perfectly imperfect. Dasiah, Kyree and Waze check off all the book bae boxes and I'm going to give you 5 reasons to add these guys to your list. Hopefully I don't have to be so convincing and you'll read and check these guys out for yourself.

  1. These guys are in to the romance thing.

In a world filled with literary players, these characters are about that relationship life. "He pushed her hair out of her face. The way he looked down at her made her body freeze. It was so sincere and full of desire. 'If you can promise me you won't hold back, then I want us to have real love and not be afraid of what we're feeling.' 'I promise I won't hold back.' 'I love you Avelyn.' For the first time her body smiled at his words. 'I love you too, Dasiah.'"

2. No problems with expressing their love.

All personal feelings aside, as far as Landon goes, I do feel that he loved Adalyn. He just loved himself so much more. When it was time for him to express his love, he had no problems doing it. "I'm sincerely sorry Adalyn. I messed up baby and I am willing to get help or go to counseling or whatever. We're young Adalyn and it's not like we don't make mistakes that we learn from."

3. The love saving the day.

Chilvary isn't dead, especially in this series. If these men don't do nothing else, they gonna save the day. "'Wait, y'all fought?' 'Nah.' Kyree waved his hand. 'When I pulled him off of you, I knocked him clear across the room. He got up and made a beeline for the door. You were having an anxiety attach, so I let his ass go.'"

4. They're faithful.

Again, outside of Landon, these guys don't cheat. There's nothing better than a faithful book bae. "'You, what the fuck?' I said through gritted teeth, trying not to make a scene. 'It's just a dance.' She grinned, biting her lip. 'Come on. No harm, no foul. A little bit of teasing, Have some fun.' 'Jream, get off me.' 'Seriously, Way? I'm just doing my job, and,' she leaned in, 'I can tell you like it.' Her eyes lowered, and she smirked before leaning back. The liquor on her breath tickled my nose. 'Jream get off me.' The indignation in my voice must have signaled something in her brain because that time, she rolled her eyes and removed herself just as the song was finishing."

5. Crew love.

All of these guys are friends, so when you're reading about one, you'll probably get a peek at the other. You don't have to go far to check on each book bae. "'I love you guys, and yes, before y'all say anything, I'm emotional. But we've all come such a long way. Sometimes I think about how I can't believe how we all ended up connected and where we are now, Friendships that I never thought would have happened,' she looked at Waze, 'and relationships that I thought wouldn't have ever been mended.'"

There's more of Avelyn and Dasiah in this Valentine's short. Just in case you need more reasons to love him.

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