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5 Book To Help Usher In The New Year

With 2021 approaching, what better way to ring in the new year than by reading New Year's Eve books. Here is 5 that I read and thoroughly enjoyed. If you read them be sure to leave a review and make sure the author knows I sent you.

This book was short and to the point. It's a prelude to a series, so it did a great job of building he momentum of the characters. Nina is a nerd that's ringing in her New Year with her cousin because her rapper boyfriend is out of town working. But Mecca has a few surprises to make up for it. This book is a novelette, so if you don't like really short books, I wouldn't advise you to read this.


The author was not lying when she added "Sex Holiday Short" to the title of this book. It's filled with freaky sex!! This couple did what most would probably like to do when bringing in the new year, have sex. There is a novelette that you should read prior to this one, but I didn't and was still able to understand and enjoy the story. So, if you're in to freaky sex, definitely check this book out.