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17 "WTF" Moments in The Bed We Made by Ivy Symone

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The Bed We Made is only my second read by this author, but I'm enamored by her work. She has a knack for taking something forbidden and making you root for it. Asad and Niecy (Nene) are the truest form of soulmates I have ever read about, but how can that be when Nene is Asad's aunt.

"I think that soulmates are people who you cross paths with at various time and places. The shit that go on in your life fucks with your ability to see that they're your soulmate."

In this post I'm going to list what I consider to to be the most memorable "WTF" moments of this intense read. If you haven't read this book, here is where you should head out. This post is filled with spoilers!

1. "With directness, he says, 'Let me fuck you.'"

I simply was not expecting this. I thought they would just flirt throughout the night. I was anticipating Niecy getting revenge, just not with her husband's nephew. Asad smashed those auntie cakes to smithereens!

2. "I'm in love, and have been for a while. I've tried to ignore it, but every time I get to lay eyes on her, it's there and it's hard to ignore."

Love changes EVERYTHING! I thought this was infatuation, maybe even pride or an ego trip. But love, I wasn't expecting that. How can you possibly be in love with your aunt?!

3. "'When was the first time?' She asks in a hushed tone. I fluster with embarrassment, but I blush with shame too . I'm hesitant, 'Five, well six days after he turned eighteen'."

This is the part that I was referencing earlier, where I stated this author has a knack for taking something forbidden and having you root for it. I must admit, I was slightly grossed out at this part. For a split second I was thinking rape, but 18 is of age, so that thought quickly passed.

4. "I throw the rest of my drink back and sit the cup down on the table in front of us. In doing so, I look over at my friend with Wu's dick in her mouth now. Wu has his phone out recording her too. I'm not mortified; I'm just shocked that they feel so... free. And wait a minute...wait... Shay is jacking Ditto's dick at the same time."

My mouth fell in to an "O" at this point. Shay was giving me "hoe vibes" and this was my confirmation. Technically this wasn't an orgy, because they didn't switch partners, but this scene definitely felt orgy-ish. I was wondering what in the heck was in that weed.