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17 "WTF" Moments in The Bed We Made by Ivy Symone

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The Bed We Made is only my second read by this author, but I'm enamored by her work. She has a knack for taking something forbidden and making you root for it. Asad and Niecy (Nene) are the truest form of soulmates I have ever read about, but how can that be when Nene is Asad's aunt.

"I think that soulmates are people who you cross paths with at various time and places. The shit that go on in your life fucks with your ability to see that they're your soulmate."

In this post I'm going to list what I consider to to be the most memorable "WTF" moments of this intense read. If you haven't read this book, here is where you should head out. This post is filled with spoilers!

1. "With directness, he says, 'Let me fuck you.'"

I simply was not expecting this. I thought they would just flirt throughout the night. I was anticipating Niecy getting revenge, just not with her husband's nephew. Asad smashed those auntie cakes to smithereens!

2. "I'm in love, and have been for a while. I've tried to ignore it, but every time I get to lay eyes on her, it's there and it's hard to ignore."

Love changes EVERYTHING! I thought this was infatuation, maybe even pride or an ego trip. But love, I wasn't expecting that. How can you possibly be in love with your aunt?!

3. "'When was the first time?' She asks in a hushed tone. I fluster with embarrassment, but I blush with shame too . I'm hesitant, 'Five, well six days after he turned eighteen'."

This is the part that I was referencing earlier, where I stated this author has a knack for taking something forbidden and having you root for it. I must admit, I was slightly grossed out at this part. For a split second I was thinking rape, but 18 is of age, so that thought quickly passed.

4. "I throw the rest of my drink back and sit the cup down on the table in front of us. In doing so, I look over at my friend with Wu's dick in her mouth now. Wu has his phone out recording her too. I'm not mortified; I'm just shocked that they feel so... free. And wait a minute...wait... Shay is jacking Ditto's dick at the same time."

My mouth fell in to an "O" at this point. Shay was giving me "hoe vibes" and this was my confirmation. Technically this wasn't an orgy, because they didn't switch partners, but this scene definitely felt orgy-ish. I was wondering what in the heck was in that weed.

5. "'I can take that dick better.' Shay says to me seductively. Her hands is rubbing on my dick."

This heifer was going for the MHP (Most Hoe-ish Player) award. I should've known this would come after the orgy, but I definitely wasn't expecting this.

6. "This shit right here ain't my mama. BJ was my mama. Fuck this white bitch."

Throughout this read I found Asad's crassness quite humorous, but this was down right disrespectful. In my opinion, no child should ever talk to their mother like this, no matter how absent she was in his life.

7. "I hop out of the truck and walk over to the Escalade, but I don't see him in the front seats. I go for the back door, but it's locked. So, I knock on it. The dark tinted window rolls down. I quickly plaster a smile on my face to deflet m surprise when I see it's Danitra and not Asad. I'm getting Kori. He set me up. 'Hey Danitra' I say pleasantly. Less than enthused, she returns a lackluster, 'Hey.' 'Is Asad in there?' 'He is... and he ain't tryna talk to you,' she says nastily."

My heart broke at the same time Nene's did. Neither of us were expecting Danitra to be on the other side of that window. I would have never expected Asad to let that go down like that.

8. "I show Wu - well, I try to show Wu how to scalp a muhfucka. It ain't going as smooth as I anticipated. Ditto steps in an finish the scalping process."

I knew Asad was feared for a reason, I just didn't expect this scene to be so graphic. I cringed reading it. Even debated skipping it. But it was necessary to read so I could understand the depths of Asad's gangsta. Afterwards I almost hurled like Bodhi.

9. "The man and the woman are your real parents, and the little boy that's in the woman's lap... that's you."

The entire time I was reading, I was also thinking, that Asad looked nor acted like the other Crawfords. This scene made it all make sense.

10. "I blurt out, 'Marry me.'"

I guess the revelation that Asad isn't really a Crawford emboldens him. I didn't getting marrying vibes from Asad but I did feel his unwavering love for Nene.

11. "'You said she moved on right?' I undo my pants and let my monster free. I nudge her forward so she's bending over the sink. 'What about my brother?'"

Just when I think Tavion can't mess up anymore, he does this! He's sexing his brother's wife in his ex-wife's bedroom. Tavion is the scum of the earth and I'm happy Nene decides to be with Asad. I'm also happy that Carys catches them in the act. I was praying he tells his momma and his uncle.

12. "'Asad, I am Aiko's mother,' I state quietly."

The entire time I was reading I was thinking this, I just needed confirmation. When Tavin's mother came and picked him up from BJ's house and left Aiko, I knew. When everybody kept telling Asad he kind of looks like you, I knew. But this confirmation was still overwhelming. What makes it even worse is that Asad had just asked Nene to have his baby. She should have told him then. I didn't blame Asad for being angry, this was definitely a bomb that should've been landed.

13. "Arrogantly, Tavion says with a smirk, 'You still got the shit wrong. I ain't slept with her. I was fucking her cousin.'"

At this point I was hoping the author wrote in a bus that rolled over Tavion and Shay. I couldn't believe either of them. They did Nene wrong throughout the entire book. I was elated when Tam delivered that beat down to Shay. I was literally cheering!

14. "I glance between all three men, and reply, 'I just want AB dead.'"

The nerve of Tavion Crawford! You want to kill Asad because he married the ex-wife that you couldn't or wouldn't stop cheating on! Tuh!

15. "An eerie feeling comes over me, and the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Something is off, and it causes me to shudder. I look to the right, and realize I'm being stared at by this older man. He doesn't look away when I catch him looking either. He continues to stare at me and it makes me uncomfortable."

My imagination played this entire scene out in slow motion. When the bullets started flying my anxiety was on 10. I never would have thought that Tavion was the one that had snatched Nene up. When Nene's body is thrown from the limo my soul ached. I could not believe my girl was going out like this. I've read a lot of literary deaths and this by far was one of the saddest. Deep in my mind I'm hoping and praying that some kind of way Nene isn't dead.

16. "The lady on the other end clears her throat nervously. 'My name is Paula, and I was returning a call to Shaniece. Is this her number?'"

There's mention of Nene possibly reaching out to her family but we don't hear anymore about it until this part right here. I was disappointed that her mom reached out too late to get a chance to know her. I was proud of Asad for making sure that Nene's kids would get an opportunity to meet that part of her family.

17. "Before he realizes, my left arm is around his neck and my right hand is covering his mouth."

Asad does what I've been wanting the entire book, I just didn't think this is how it would go down. HE KILLS TAVION! I didn't feel sorry for Tavion and I actually thought he deserved to die, I just didn't think Asad should have done it at BJ's house. But after what he did to Nene, who cares right?

Once you finish reading this book your face should look exactly like Steve's. Comment and let me know if you think I got all of the "WTF" moments or comment and give me the one's you think I missed.

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