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15 Thoughts While Reading In So Deep: A Thug Love Story by B. Love

When reading a book, a good book, my brain is always going a mile a minute. I highlight so many passages and things I want to unpack. I recently read In So Deep: A Thug Love Story by B. Love and it had my mind racing with so many thoughts. I love when books are relatable, and B. Love understood the assignment with this book. In this story we have Black and Ghost, two brothers that unknowingly fall for two sisters, Chloe and Carli. Along with Wes, Ghost and Black's friend and business associate, and Taryn. This book was filled with drama, messy situations and of course, relationship problems. I'm going to reference 15 scenes from this book and give you my thoughts as I read them. So, if spoilers aren’t your thing, now is definitely the time for you to head out.


"After I played them the recording of me and Diamond's conversation, I played them the recording of me and my mama's call from when I first picked my kids up. Diamond called her talking about she needs to get Layla from me for the weekend because she don't want to her around me and all that bullshit. When I was done playing the recordings, I told them, 'That warrant don't mean shit to me since it was granted off a false police report. These are my kids, this is their home, and I ain't giving them to you, her, or nobody else until Monday morning. Now I advise y'all to get off my property and make sure y'all press charges on her for filing a false police report.'"

Black was in the middle of getting head when the police knocked on his door with a warrant to arrest him for kidnapping. Not only did I know this book was going to be high ghetto, but I also could not believe that he had a baby momma so grimy that she would call the police and report him for kidnapping, knowing it wasn't true. This first chapter definitely set the tone for this book.


"'For what exactly, Michael?' The ice in my voice gave my own self chills, so I wasn't surprised when his face twisted up and his shoulders slumped. "Pursuing me and trying to use me to prove to your family and your circle that you were a straight black man? Forcing me to love you just to cheat on me with the man you swore what your best friend? Do you know how embarrassed I was when that shit hit the fan? And then you had the nerve to put your hands on me...'"

I'm only on page 12 of the book and I was not ready. Chloe is going through a break up with Michael, but not your typical breakup. Not only is Michael a down low brother, but then he has the nerve to be abusive. He's saying he only hit her because she was getting ready to expose him, but something has me thinking that maybe it's more to it. Either way, I was utterly embarrassed for Chloe. I was hoping that this story li