15 Christmas Books That Will Definitely Bring You Holiday Cheer

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Christmas is slowly approaching guys. With everything that has been going on, I haven't really been feeling any holiday cheer. So, I decided to read a few holiday books to boost my mood. If you haven't already, I suggest you read a few of these books. All of the books listed read as standalones and are novellas. Some were funny, some showed the true meaning of Christmas, some of these characters were extremely freaky and all were entertaining.

If enemies to lovers is your thing, this is definitely the book for you. Noah and Alexis can't stand each other, and their friends know this, but when they are stranded alone for a few days as they get ready to celebrate Friends-mas, that quickly changes. It seems that these two were the best thing they never knew they needed for each other. This novella will leave you swooning and filled with holiday cheer.

This book was a non-traditional Christmas read, but still held some holiday cheer. Prentiss is shunned by her family right before Christmas and is uninvited from her family's Christmas dinner. But thanks to her best friend Bliss, she still will be surrounded by love and holiday cheer. This was a quick read that is filled with laughs and wtf moments. Please be open-minded when reading and get ready to clutch your imaginary pearls.

Latoya Nicole is one of the funniest authors I've ever read, and this book is no different from the rest. Her characters are the champs at roasting. Santii and Sprit have both given up on Christmas. It holds too many bad memories for them. When life places them in each other's lives they both seem to have a change of heart. Once they can put aside the hate, they have for each other they realize that they are a match made in heaven. The fact that the main characters name is Santii Klaus made this story much more interesting.

Who doesn't love a good friends to lover story? Chris and Noel have been best friends since college, but life and Chris moving to Brazil puts a strain on their relationship and they eventually lose touch. After Noel tries to force herself into the Christmas spirit, Chris shows up after a year of being away, making some things better and some things worse. I'm glad Noel and Chris were able to get it together. The sex scene(s) in this book were a-maz-ing!!! This book was definitely a five-star read for me.

After Landyn's break up, he's spending his first Christmas alone in a while. When Leslie, a family friend, shows up at his family's Christmas dinner old feelings arrive helping usher in a little holiday cheer for Landyn. This book was really short, but it made the list because of the sex scenes. Landyn and Leslie sex scenes were so bomb.

Jaleel and Eva have been separated for six months. Jaleel is hoping to get his family and Eva is hoping to get the divorce over with as quickly as possible. Things take a turn when their son makes a special Christmas request, he wants to wake up on Christmas morning with both of his parents under one roof. This book was almost like reading a Hallmark movie and I loved it. I'm sure Hallmark doesn't have a sex scene like this book does, but that's what made it so much better for me.

I absolutely love the enemies to lover's trope. Jacobi and Giselle haven't been around each other in three years and the way the story starts, that's a good thing. Jacobi has been in prison and Giselle moved to pursue her dream job as a chef. This Christmas they are forced to celebrate together, Jacobi has been released from prison and Giselle has lost her job. After many fights and plenty eye rolls both realize that it may be better to be friends rather than adversaries all while spreading holiday cheer. This storyline was very different for me and I absolutely loved it.

Reading this book, I felt like I was right at home with my real family. Ryan and Gyan had a budding romance as teenagers, but things went left, and they never spoke to each other again. When Ryan comes home for the holiday's she realizes that money isn't everything. By the end of this novella, I was yelling "ALEXA PLAY IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAY BY JAZMINE SULLIVAN". These characters were relatable and Gyan's mom kept me cracking up. I also loved how the title was played in with the book.

This book is perfect for any hopeless romantic. Giselle is a matchmaker that failing miserably at finding love for herself. After several failed attempts at dating, she starts to feel maybe her standards are too high. Chaquille has a problem with finding women he's interested in, but one day, by chance, him and Giselle meet and it's almost as if it's kismet. This is an instant romance that will leave you swooning and filled with holiday cheer.

This Christmas story wasn't a love story, which definitely made it stand out from the other Christmas stories I read. Berkleigh and Cartier are two friends that had a huge disagreement over something so ridiculous and everyone sees it but them. This Christmas, Cartier is forced to spend the holidays with her husband's family and confront her beef with Berkleigh along with some other issues. This story was so touching it bought tears to my eyes. Stay tuned for the follow up New Year's novella.

This was this author's debut novel, and it did not disappoint. Sevyn is woman that desperately wants to be married and it must be at her family's mansion. After realizing her sister has sold the family mansion, Sevyn goes to try to convince the new owner to let her rent the place. Imagine her surprise when she gets there and the door is opened by an old flamer, Roderick. This book is spanned around a few holidays but starts and ends on Christmas. Really short and cute read. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

If you are into instant romances, then this is the read for you! Nick Colas walks in a jewelry store and lays eyes on Rein Deerfield and instantly knows she's the one, so much so he proposes to her before even knowing her name. When he actually purchases an engagement ring Rein is a little leery of getting to know him. This book was ridiculously cute and splashed with a little bit of drama. Great read!!