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10 Top Urban Fiction Sex Scenes

Sex, sex, sex (Alexa, play Freak Like Me by Adina Howard)! It's in just about EVERY urban fiction book you read. Which doesn't bother me, but if i'm going to read about, I would like for it to be good! And of course, I can't list all of the sex scenes I've ever read, but I can list the most memorable ones. Get ready, after you read the books on this list i'm sure you'll need a cool drink and an even cooler shower. (Side note: The sex in these books does not take away from the stories. They're actually good reads, all sex aside.)


The Bed We Mady by Ivy Symone


Asad and Niecy have a chemistry like no other. I think their sex is so bomb because it's forbidden. These two can't keep their hands off one another. It's a sex scene in just about every chapter of this book. I think the fact that Niecy is a squirter makes their scenes all the more interesting to read about.


Flow by Kennedy Ryan


Marlon aka Grip and Bristol are an unconventional couple by every definition. But that doesn't stop them from having bomb ass sex throughout the entire series. The sex in the first installment is pretty light, but by the end of the second installment you won't be able to read fast enough. If you're an audible listener like me, Jakobi Diem makes this read even more exhilarating.