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The Porters are BACK... Well Sort of

2020 was a great year for authors and readers alike. The pandemic stifled some creativity and reading, but for others, it soared. Nina being one of those authors. She debuted her Front St. series and took the literary world by storm. Readers can't get enough of the infamous Porter family. Instead of forcing another book in the series, Nina has decided on an alternative route, Tumblr. Tumblr is a free blogging service that allows you to follow people, express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Well, Nina has a page and is giving her readers FREE updates on their favorite characters. If you needed a reason to love her more, this is it.

The stories are short, maybe the length of a chapter, but they get the job done. Our favs are still growing and maturing, but most importantly they are still funny. "'Lake do you understand that your mother is that... bitch?' Dr. Pie asked him making him laugh." If you remember the therapist from the series, Dr. Pie, the blogs starts with various Pie sessions. The series ended with a group therapy session, and it looks like the entire family has decided to utilize Dr. Pie and her amazing therapy techniques. “'Lady, you just makin’ bank off all of us, huh?' 'I’m all about transparency so I’ll be honest, I am,' Dr. Pie admitted making Lake and Oceana laugh. She really was a dope real ass therapist. There was no way she could expect complete open and honesty, especially from people who didn’t believe in sharing much, if she couldn’t offer the same in return. With boundaries she had no problem being forthcoming. 'But I hope that it’s been money worth spending.' 'Every penny,' Lake said and Dr. Pie smiled warmly."

The stories seemingly pick up right where the series left off. Allowing you to watch the Porter family continuously grow, the kids grow, and even experience more of their life events. None of the characters are excluded, we even get a closer look at Daly and his family. "When Daly was just a child, if it weren’t for Hassan, he and his sisters would be separated and spread out through the system. It was one of the reasons Daly was so loyal to Lake. Hassan made sure they never had to worry about being taken from one another." Daly's back story helps connect the dots to his strong connection with the Porters, making me love him even more.

If this gang of hooligans doesn't do anything else, they give me a good laugh. "Then I guess you should treat the hoes better for better karma. I married my hoe and made her rich so I'm good with the universe I think." But they also give me heartwarming moments. "My brother Lake. I wanna honor him with this because a lot of the great people, the ones behind the scenes who never get recognized are the real ones that make it happen. I was able to run a whole business, get married, have kids, live my life stress free. He gave me what I know a lot of people who look like me never get. A peace of mind. A care-free life, the tools I needed to be successful and I than him for that every day."

If you haven't read about the Porters yet, you can check them out on Amazon. All the books are available on Kindle Unlimited. And if you haven't checked out the character updates on Tumblr, you can do so by visiting Nina's Tumblr page.

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