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Spotlighting Author Cocoa

What would you say is your strength as a writer?

AC: My strength as a writer would simply be the fact that I can take a blank document and fill it with a story I didn’t know I had in me to tell.

What part of your writing process is the hardest?

AC: The hardest part of my process is bringing my books to an end. Once a character is in my head, it’s hard to end the story and let them live HEA lol

Which of your books did you find difficult to write?

AC: I’m actually still in the process of writing my most difficult book. It’s the first I touched on the topic of grief. Nothing about grief is fast paced and it feels like writing the book at the same pace as the character’s healing. No matter how many times I’ve tried to speed the story up, the characters pull me back to their speed.

Which characters do you relate with easily? Why?

AC: I would have to say I relate to all of my characters in one way or another. When I’m writing, I try to put a piece of myself into every POV. The way I love, want to be loved, and even lessons and past mistakes are all written on the pages of my books.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

AC: TikTok: Author_Cocoa

Facebook: Cocoa’s clubhouse

Instagram : Author_Cocoa

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