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Book Review on Loving a Girl Like You by Sequaia

Title is scheduled to be released April 26, 2022

Falling in love is never an easy thing. This statement holds true for Lemere and Amree. When Lemere's eyes land on Amree at a swanky celebrity party, he's instantly smitten by her beautiful face and orange -tipped hair. But Amree isn't sold on the allure of a celebrity rapper. "'Remember, if someone else approaches you, you're here for work purposes only, all right?' He winked at her, then walked into the crowd before she could respond. Unbeknownst to her, Lemere had just staked his claim." Loving a Girl Like You is a celebrity romance book that will have you feeling as if you're reading about actual celebrities, forcing me to add this trope to my list of favorites.

Amree isn't your typical girl next door. She’s pretty, has a career she loves, and has been given plenty of game by her brother. So, there's no pulling the okey-doke on her. "But you know we've been taught to not let a fuck nigga have any form of power over us. Which is exactly what you did." So, when Lemere tries to bag her, her reluctance is understood. "You said I'm not for you, not that I'm not your type, so there's hope." With her taking care of her nephew, Tyler, until her brother, Maksym, is released from prison and trying to excel in her career, Amree just doesn't have time for a relationship. Especially since her last one was a flop. But there is just something about Lemere that has her wondering 'what if'. "A million and one thoughts roamed her mind, and the main one she couldn't let go of was the one that constantly asked what it would be like to be Lemere Webster's girl. Or even how it would be to have sex with him. Everything she probably shouldn't have been thinking about the two of them she was thinking, enhancing the minor crush she already had."

Lemere can have any woman he wants. With fame comes groupies. After his relationship with his baby momma, Kiana, ended he's been uninterested in any kind of serious relationship. That was until Amree walked into his life. With her setting the bar on how she's willing to be treated, Lemere must work twice as hard just for her to give him the time of day. "Lemere had never gone through these sorts of hoops for a woman, and he hoped she knew that she was getting a part of him he hadn't given to another woman, his baby mother included." The distance and the groupies at his disposal make things extremely hard, but Lemere knows Amree is what he wants. "There could be no one after her. And he for damn sure didn't want anyone experiencing her after him." But when tragedy makes its way into his life, and trickles over to Amree, him nor her can be certain of the future of their relationship. "Mere promised me I wouldn't be affected by his world in any way that harmed me, and it seems like that's what I've been receiving. Loving him shouldn't hurt."

This was my second read by this author, and it did not disappoint. Not only did she do a good job of making you like the main characters, but she also did a good job of making you like the supporting characters. I loved Amree's relationship with her brother and her best friend, Erynn. I also liked how Lemere was a celebrity, but he wasn't depicted as an unrealistic male. The author allowed him to battle his decision on monogamy, making the character flawed, but not unlikable. And even though this book is romance, there’s still drama and an underlying urban element that is sure to keep you flipping the pages. This book is a standalone, but the author left a few doors open, I'm assuming, if she decides she wants to revisit these characters. If she does, I'll definitely be tuned in.

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Unknown member
Apr 01, 2022

Every time I’m ready to one click a book from one of your book reviews … BOOM 💥 it’s a preorder 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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Apr 01, 2022
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