Urban Fiction vs. Urban Romance Authors

Urban lit is an acquired taste for plenty of readers. For some, it's the only genre they read and for others, it's to be read in doses, to break up the monotony of whatever else they are reading. But no matter the reason for reading, there are some pretty dope writers in the genre. I've compiled a list of authors that not only write urban fiction, but urban romance as well. Scroll down and check them out. If you click their picture it'll take you straight to their Amazon catalog.

Cyn Alexander

Kandis Tolliver

Latoya Nicole

Tanzania Glover


Elbie Dee

Aaliyah Danielle


T. Meaux


Malay Renee

Olivia Renee Wallace


Shataya Simms

Prenisha Aja'

Bre Shadae

Tay Mo'Nae