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Sometimes You Should Judge a Book By its Cover

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

As readers, we're taught to not judge books by their covers. We're lead to believe that we can miss out on a great story by holding the cover against the author and their work. Which in some cases holds true. But when a reader sees an eye-catching cover, they may have no clue what the book is about, but if the cover is attention grabbing enough, they'll be willing to check it out. Personally, I love a book with a well-designed cover. Especially if I'm not familiar with the author or their work. I asked the authors in our reading group to give me their best covers and tell me who designed them. I handpicked from the books listed and here are my favorite ones. I've grouped them by cover designer, so if you're an author looking for your next cover, it'll be easier for you to view their work. If you're a cover junkie like me, and you love the covers you see, be sure to check these books out.


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