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On Us 3 by Nina Book Review

Alexa play End of the Road by Boyz II Men.

I started this journey in May and I'm sad to see it end.

All good things must come to an end and it's no different with this series. When the journey started all of the character were kids and now, they've grown into adults that I'm actually quite proud of. "They were men now, all with their own responsibilities, Lake did his job and he wanted to live his own life." Family, The Porters feel like my family and will live in my heart and my mind forever.

We, as readers, were able to get a lot of closure on our favorite characters and even closure on our not so favorite characters. I loved how these characters basically raised themselves and still were able to grow and progress. Nina's character development warmed my heart. As readers, we often want the writers to give us the outcome that we want, or the outcome that we predict. Nina did the exact opposite of that for me and I still thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Lake and Avery still have plenty of work to do, mentally and emotionally, separately, and together. Lake's childhood trauma is still affecting their relationship but with the help of Dr. Pie, their therapist, they develop a more open and trusting relationship. Lake is more forthcoming, and Avery has matured so much and isn't as annoying. "'You gonna be a boss' wife or a crybaby?' 'My husband said I can be both hoe, so mind the business that pays you.'"

Ivy and Vant were always the most problematic couple, but in this series, they turned out to be my favorites. Vant's level of maturation almost brought me to tears. When anyone has been in a relationship as long as Vant and Ivy, it's going to always be hard to let go. At the end of the day, they're family. Going their separate ways was the right and ideal thing for them to do, or was it? "Fuck with who you want my nigga. Be ready for his funeral at any time though."

I love Sav and Chi together and separate. Their relationship is complicated and very toxic but they are meant for each other. "'Ard, I abused her,' Sav admitted. 'I did.' He wished he could take back harming Chi in any way." Sav's unhealthy attachment to Dem isn't good for himself or his relationship. I mean, what woman would want to be in a relationship where a brother will always come before her? I felt like Sav was really young and didn't have any good examples of relationships to show him how to properly love Chi, but he gave what he had and no matter what Chi said, that was always good enough for her.

Wreck and Gia didn't get a lot of time in this installment. For the most part, their relationship stayed the same. "Any bitch in the room, you can fuck while you waiting. Like let that hoe go! If Gia find out, I guarantee she don't give you no second chance. Bro, from experience, appreciate her now. Don't let it be no the one that got away shit, cause it hurt. I'm telling you, bro, because I'm in pain. You don't want to lose her when you coulda just did the right thing from jump. If you can't wait for the pussy and shit, tell her that! Don't be all leading her on my nigga." I was able to tell that their feelings for each other had grown stronger. The fact that Wreck has went from girls throwing him coochie all the time to Gia holding out on him has to be difficult. Not making excuses for him, but I do empathize.

Dem. My heart went out to him the entire series, but in this book, I was extra sympathetic towards him. The revelations of his past seemed to have sent him spiraling into depression. I'm glad he was blessed with a family that loved him. "'You are okay. I know what you heard is fuckin' you up, but Daddy not you and I would never do anything or allow anyone to hurt you. You hear me? That shit was back then, but this you? I can help, I can protect, and nobody will ever hurt you like that again, ard? Dem do you hear me?' he nodded." Dem didn't let his depression stop him from getting in trouble, per usual.

Nina also did us a solid by giving us more of Oceana and Daly. Those two characters were hidden gems in the previous installments of this series. Oceana's love/hate relationship with Avery had me in stitches. "Thank you, Abigail. Even though you a gold-digging nasty hoe, I see you use your powers for good." Daly's hilarity surprised me. "'Let's go Ivy.' Daly acted like he was getting up. 'Been waiting years for your ass.'"

We also got a new favorite, Roddy. "Bro, you think that's it? I'm giving weak ass dick? They laughing at me out here!"

The comedy in this book is unmatched. Just when I thought these characters couldn't get any funnier, it did. These characters didn't just keep me entertained, they taught me lessons as well. This series touched on a variety of taboo topics, topics that many readers may not have wanted to read about, but I'm grateful that Nina decided to address them. This book and this series was real life fiction and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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