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National Family Caregivers Month Recommendations

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Caregivers are people who care for and take care of others. With the vast array of books we read, we've compiled a list of books with characters that do an awesome of job of taking care of their families. These characters may not be your typical, or ideal caregivers, but they are caregivers in their own special way. Keep scrolling and tell us if you agree.


Joletta was a caregiver through and through for her grandmother, Mama, that helped raise her. Her real mother abandoned her at an early age, and we're left to assume she does an awesome job taking care of her grandmother, because she feels she owes her for stepping up and doing what her real mother refused to do.


Ashton and Tori

Tori and Ashton were both broken souls with childhood trauma, but they didn't let them from being excellent caregivers for their families. From the beginning of the story to the very end, the did whatever their families need them to do, even when they didn't want to.


Lake and Ivy

Lake and Ivy both gave up their childhood to take care of kids that they didn't help create. With their parents being non-existent they were forced to grow up way before their time to ensure their siblings happiness and safety. It wasn't until they were full-fledged adults that they were able to focus less on their siblings and more on themselves. Their siblings aren't perfect, but they turned out to be halfway decent human beings thanks to them.



Shaun Taylor knew from the moment he laid eyes on Caprice he loved her. His love for her caused him to feel a sort of entitlement to being her protector. At a young age he felt the need to right any wrongs brought to his young love. Even after they reunite, Shaun's priority is always Caprice. And I feel even if she wasn't his lady, his natural reaction would be to take care of her and anything involving her.


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