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Mini Book Review on The Stroke of Midnight by Xuri Foxx

Sage Bailey was living a boss life. Money, cars, and clothes, all provided by her sponsor, Ryan. Their relationship was the perfect long-distance relationship one could imagine. That is until Sage turns up pregnant and Ryan dips out on her. Over a year later Sage meets Cochise, another paid boss that's loving the vibes Sage is giving, his only flaw is bringing Ryan back into Sage's life. Fate doesn't seem to be on Sage's side, but Cochise isn't a man to walk away so easily.

This was my first read by this author and I was a impressed. The storyline was good and held my attention. The main characters were likable, and the story was filled with drama. This book was urban fiction with a splash of romance. And the ending left me wanting more. Good read!

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Unknown member
Mar 01, 2022

I’ll added this book to my reading list.

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